Undergraduate student Merin Duke at the Richmond Conservation Studio

Undergraduate student Merin Duke at Richmond Conservation Studio


Undergraduate students may earn course credit while completing internships at museums, art galleries, historical sites, research libraries, or archives. While getting an insider perspective on the multifaceted concerns, distinctive needs, and diverse interests of arts and cultural institutions, students practice a range of marketable skills, which vary from one internship experience to another but generally include an ability to work collaboratively, and the practical necessity to write and communicate clearly to a range of audiences. Day-to-day internship activities are supervised by an arts-professional at the host institution, after a scope of work has been approved by the student’s academic advisor.

In recent years, undergraduate students have interned at art museums, galleries, studios, and collections in or near Richmond, including:

In order to receive course credit, you must submit an internship application. Guidelines and eligibility requirements can be found on the application. Once approved, you will receive an override in order to register for ARTH 493.