Our Mission: We are a community of makers/artist who advance the conceptual, historical, technical and haptic aspects of Clay, Fiber, Glass, Metal and Wood. We promote an artistic practice rooted in the values of Craft. We investigate Craft’s inherent relationship to the world with fearless innovation.

The Department of Craft and Material Studies offers a professionally oriented program that leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies with majors in ceramics, fiberwork/fabric design, glassworking, metalsmithing/jewelry or woodworking/furniture design. Within these areas of specialization, courses are designed to assist students in developing concepts, personal direction, and the necessary skills and technical competencies to enable them to pursue a professional career or graduate study. In addition to the major area of study, students have the opportunity for a diverse education in the liberal arts and humanities. Students are encouraged to select courses in other schools on the Monroe Park Campus that will add to their general knowledge. A student may elect a minor area of study in any department or program offering a minor. The minor can be used to fulfill career objectives or to investigate a discipline of secondary interest.

Career opportunities for craft majors include setting up an independent studio or gallery, restoration or repair work, teaching or participating in the Artist-in-Residence programs in the public schools, and consulting and designing for industry.

The Craft and Material Studies undergraduate curriculum can be viewed here:


Course Descriptions