Health and Wellness

VCUarts Dance takes seriously the health of its students. In addition to our admission criteria of “A healthy, physically conditioned body that is injury-free,” we give all incoming freshmen physical therapy screenings to identify areas of weakness or concern and suggest exercises and cross training to address them.

We encourage all Dance majors to maintain a Technique Journal in which they document their progress in technique proficiency by recording information such as:

  • Feedback from their instructors in Ballet and Modern
  • Areas of known weakness
  • Cross-training
  • Injuries
  • Rehabilitation plans and progress
  • Questions about feedback or jury comments

Dance USA also has resources with information pertinent to dancers’ health.

Incoming students should familiarize themselves with VCU Student Health Services. We recommend that all Dance majors carry health insurance. University health insurance resources can be found here.

VCUarts Dance looks at health holistically; mental and emotional health are as critical to success in our program as physical health. VCU’s The Well (Wellness Resource Center) offers resources for students seeking help with mental and emotional health issues.