Rental Guidelines

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time the Grace Street Theater is only available for internal VCU events, and is unavailable for community rentals. We appreciate your patience and will be posting updates as they become available. 


Grace Street Theater is a shared space providing a performance/rehearsal space for the Department of Dance and Choreography and lecture instruction space for the Department of Art History.  While the Dance and Choreography and Art History departments are the primary users, Grace Street Theater can be scheduled for certain other types of events when the requested use does not disrupt the primary users’ function.

Event Use

The theater is designed specifically for dance productions and for lectures.  The audience seating is steeply raked for perfect visibility and the stage is sprung for resiliency to avoid injury to dancers. As a result, the stage is fragile and cannot accommodate heavy equipment or high impact activities or events.

Event Ticketing

The Grace Street Theater Box Office is not available to renters of the theater. Renters may provide their own advance ticket sales at their business or ticketing location and/or online prior to the event. A ticket sales table can be provided in the lobby for door sales on the the event day only. Renter must provide their own ticket sales staff. Renters could consider free online ticketing tools such as Eventbrite, TuTuTix, and Brown Paper Tickets.

Booking Request

The Dance and Choreography department reserves the right of approval of prospective events.  Forms are available from the GST Manager’s office, by email and online. Include desired dates and times for rehearsals, productions, lectures, technical needs and a detailed description of the production/event.  The Booking Request is not a binding document.

Rental Agreement

As the second step in the rental process, Grace Street Theater manager will create a Rental Agreement outlining details and costs to renter. Events are not considered confirmed until the Grace Street Theater Manager has received both a fully-executed Rental Agreement (agreed to and signed by renter and theater management) and payment of deposit/balance.  Renter is advised not to advertise an event until it is confirmed by Grace Street Theater manager.

Rental Fees

Fees are established by Department of Dance and Choreography. In addition to the base rental fee, the following expenses will be the responsibility of the renter, if applicable.

Backstage & Running Crew: Renters must provide or hire the appropriate number of qualified backstage and running crew to assure an efficient and safe event. The qualifications and number of crew members must be approved by the Grace Street Theater’s Technical Director.

Lighting Design: If the event requires more than simple lighting (warm-cool; on-off), Grace Street Theater’s Resident Lighting Designer is available for hire. A non-VCU Dance Department lighting designer may be hired by the renter with the pre-approval of Grace Street Theater’s Technical Director.  Said designer will be assisted and supervised by Grace Street Theater’s Technical Director while in the theater.  All final design decisions are subject to approval by Grace Street Theater’s Technical Director.

House Crew: The renter will provide/hire ushers for each event. A dress code for ushers is in place.  Grace Street Theater’s Manager will advise the renter regarding the numbers of ushers needed, house policies and procedures, along with required scheduling of staff.

Other Services & Equipment: A detailed fee schedule is available from Grace Street Theater’s manager for additional services and equipment.

Security: A VCU Police Officer or RMC Security Officer must be hired for all evening events. Payment for this service is the responsibility of the renter (minimum of 3 hours required). Grace Street Theater’s House Manager will approve all personnel. Grace Street Theater will arrange for coverage.  Renter will be billed directly by VCU Police Department.  Security is a requirement and is not negotiable.

Time Allowance

If the renter exceeds the time allotment agreed upon in the Rental Agreement, they will receive a post-event bill presenting the appropriate fees and will be held responsible to pay accordingly.


A deposit of 25% of total cost to renter, as outlined in fully-executed Rental Agreement, is required to reserve event date(s) for renter.  Balance of payment is due no later than four weeks prior to event date. Payments can be made in cash, check (made payable to VCU DANCE), or by credit card online at this link.

Stage Use Policies

Sets may not be constructed on the stage. Heavy sets or equipment may not be used on stage during rehearsals or events. Pointed, hard-edged or sharp instruments or similar props may not be used.  Hard street shoes or high heels may not be worn on stage. The stage is designed for bare feet and can accommodate clean athletic shoes or other soft-soled exercise shoes which have not been used as street wear. If proposed activity presents a risk of damage to dance floor surface, the installation of Masonite covered by Marley dance floor may be required by GST Manager. See fee schedule for details of cost to renter.

Liability Insurance

VCU requires that all non-university renters provide the theater manager with Certificate of Insurance at the time of deposit payment.  A Waiver and Release of Liability form is available from GST Manager upon request and must be submitted at same time as Booking Request.


It is important to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the theater since it is a public venue as well as an instructional space for the Art History Department. No food or drinks of any kind, whether in open or closed containers, are permitted in the house (seating area) at any time. This is not negotiable.  Food and drinks are allowed in backstage areas ONLY and only during events that have rented those spaces.  Renters are responsible for cleaning up food and drink from backstage areas.  Non-compliance will incur an additional cleaning charge to be paid by renter.

Food Policy

Food and drinks are not allowed in the house (the seating area) at any time. Grace Street Theater manager reserves the right to approve/disapprove food service based on the following guidelines:  Proposed food items must be provided to GST Manager for review and approval at the time of contract signing. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the Grace Street Theater. Service and consumption of food and drink is limited to the lobby or outdoor areas ONLY. The lobby has very minimal space to offer food and any food service must be limited to small items that are only offered as guests are exiting the theater. Caterers should be informed that dark red liquids – such as fruit juices, punch and foods that may stain or potentially damage either painted or carpeted surfaces should not be served. Coffee and tea are permissible.  Food preparation is not permitted in the lobby.  Damages or cleaning costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the renter.