VCU Rates & Guidelines

Rental Fees – Base Price

Events $300.00 per day

Rental Fees – Variable Costs

Additional Performances (same day) $50.00 per each additional performance
Theater Rental Fee – Rehearsal or Tech $100.00 per day
GST Technical Director (Required)- Must be present in the building during all rehearsal(s) and performance(s). $25.00 per hour; 4 hour minimum
GST House Manager (Required)- Must be present in the building during all rehearsal(s) and performance(s). $25.00 per hour; 4 hour minimum
VCU Police/RMC Security Officer (Required)- for events occurring between hours of 7pm and 11pm. Non-negotiable. $50.25 per hour for VCU Police/$20.58 per hour for RMC Security, minimum of 3 hours. GST will secure officer for event and determine level of security required. Renter will be billed directly by VCU Police. Cost will not be included in GST contract.

Additional Staffing

If further staffing is required for the event, it may be provided by either GST or Renter.
The availability of additional GST staff varies and is not guaranteed, renter must inquire about additional staff availability in advance. 

Box Office Staff (day of event) $20 per hour; 3 hour minimum
Ushers $15 per hour; minimum of 3 hours
Backstage Crew $20 per hour; minimum of 4 hours
Videographer $100.00 per event
Lighting Designer Must negotiate with staff Lighting Designer

Miscellaneous Fees

Expendables – gels, lamps, ect. Charge for performance events only – not lectures. $100.00 per event
Stage Floor Protection – Masonite & Timestep surface required for events that may impact and/or damage dance floor surface. $100.00 per event
Washer/Dryer – includes liquid detergent, bleach & dryer sheets $25.00 per event
Equipment – Audio/Visual & Sound (Additional needs not covered in base rental) $25.00 per item/per day
Merchandise/Reception Space Rental – Lobby $55.00 per day
Merchandise Space Rental – House (at base of stage) $55.00 per day
Merchandise/Reception Space Rental – Outdoor Courtyard $150.00 per day

Final cost to renter may vary depending on the nature of the production/event, equipment, staff and services required. Additional charges may be due after conclusion of event for unforeseen expenses.


The Grace Street Theater offers a 20% rental discount to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and to VCU students and faculty. Special discounts apply to the VCU Department of Dance and Choreography’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Please contact Heidi Rechin at for more information. 



– A 25% deposit is due when event is confirmed by signed Rental Agreement.

– Balance is due no later than four (4) weeks prior to first event date.

– Event is considered officially confirmed upon receipt of a fully executed (signed) Rental Agreement by renter from GST. Please do not advertise event prior to receipt of agreement signed by GST manager.

– Checks should be made payable to VCU DANCE.

– Credit cards are accepted for payment online at this link:

– Cancellation must be made in writing 15 days prior to event date. Deposits are non-refundable.

Renters must provide in advance:

– All advertising is the responsibility of renter. Posters may be displayed in marquee boxes (outside theater) during event week only and through arrangement with GST Manager.

– Certificate of Insurance or Waiver of Liability form (available from GST Manager)

– Details regarding event needs including technical requirements for program, reception and/or merchandise sales.

– Anticipated attendance numbers

Renters must provide on day of event:

– Ushers:

— 4 to 6 per performance for Reserved seating

— 2 to 4 per performance for General admission seating

– Box Office Personnel:

— 3 to 4 per performance for Door Sales, Will Call, Ticket Collector

— 1 sales position for Walk-up

— 1-2 positions for Will Call (reserved & pre-paid ticket pick up)

— 1 Ticket Collector in Lobby

**Ushers and box office personnel are required to wear appropriate attire. Ushers should wear black office/dress attire and dark shoes. Flip-flops or similar casual sandals are not allowed.**

– Cash bank ($50 per point of sale) for events charging admission and/or selling merchandise

– Programs, flyers, posters & all advertising

– Certificate of Insurance or Waiver of Liability (waiver form available from GST Manager)

Renters may provide or contract (With pre-approval of GST Manager and GST Technical Director):

– Running Crew

– Lighting Designer if production requires more than a “one look” design – warm/cool, up/down

– Event Tickets – not printed by GST. However tickets must be approved by GST manager three weeks in advance of distribution or sales. Ticket layout must consist of three parts: Patron (or souvenir) stub, House stub and Audit stub. House seating chart available upon request.


Grace Street Theater is inspected following strike of Renter’s event. Renter will be held responsible for any cleaning, repairs or replacement due to damage or misuse. All fees are subject to change, depending on current market prices of certain items.