Filipe Leitão

  • Composition and Sound Design for Cinema, Games, and Motion Media
  • E-mail: leitaof2@vcu.edu

Dr. Filipe Leitão is Assistant Professor of Music at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching and developing a new collaborative curriculum in Composition and Sound Design for Cinema, Games, and Motion Media. He recently served as an Instructor of Composition at the University of Alabama, where he received his doctorate in Composition, and where his responsibilities largely involved teaching and working in the recording studio. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA), and a Bachelor in Art Education in Brazil, where he served as an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Pará and taught keyboard and music technology.

Prof. Leitão has collaborated with many artists, creating original compositions and sound design for films and video games, as well as has written concert pieces for varied ensembles. His works reflect his unique voice originating from a mix of classical, popular, Brazilian, and film music and has been recognized at both national and international levels and merited prizes and performances at renowned film and music festivals. He has taught composition lessons, orchestration, music production, and theory musicianship and has mentored students composing tonal and non-tonal, electronic, popular, videogame, and film music, including teaching digital audio workstations (DAWs). View his demo reel and additional background at www.filipeleitao.com.