Alumni Feature: Hunter Brumfield

Hunter Brumfield is currently working as a freelance director and editor. He works on regional and coastal Tv spots, brand anthems or web media. He is also always improving his craft through working on music videos and short films – which at the same time helps him increase his visibility. Hunter began working in the film industry freshman year at VCU when he heard there was a lifetime christmas movie being filmed in downtown Richmond. He jumped at the opportunity to be a production assistant on set. He wanted to get a real feel for how the world operated. “It felt a bit like a thankless job in a sense, but in hindsight it was an invaluable experience and one that everyone should go through as a student.” says Brumfield. “Being on set, even if it’s a schlocky christmas movie, humbles you to the mass amount of positions that a set requires.”

Above is the music video Brumfield directed for Lucy Dacus’ song I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore.

Continuing in his undergraduate degree, he worked as an assistant for a corporate photographer where he learned the language of being a creative as well as how to deal with corporate clients. He says there is a deftness and structure in how you handle them. Hunter continued his photo assistant work into his senior year and he was asked to work on a job for the World Trade Center doing data management and C camera. This means he was running the 3rd camera, picking up smaller shots while the A and B cameras gathered the main footage. This was for a production company based downtown that had a very high stress environment. Here, everything he had been learning in previous jobs was culminating into one. After getting back to VA, he was asked to edit the project. He did this job for free, knowing that the company would likely offer him a paid gig the next time if he was able to impress them and sure enough they did. That company was the Branching, where Brumfield is now currently posted. Three years later and he is now one of two primary editors at this space, as well as a director. Each new project he gets is bigger in scope which he says is “…certainly a matter of gained skill and mutual trust.”

“Photo+Film laid out the foundation for the A to Z of filmmaking” Brumfield says. “They gave you the tools, but it was totally up to you whether you want to master them or passively accept them.” He also mentions the importance of his peers from Photo+Film. The network he was able to sustain in Photo+Film is vital for him because they continuously recommend each other for jobs and solicit each other’s specialized skills for their own works. “I absolutely owe them when it comes to where I am at today.”

Hunter Brumfield on the set of “Bones” by Anousheh – a new music video he directed. Coming Soon!