Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea (American/Cuban, b.1971) is a multi-media artist. His ideas are manifested in drawings, photography, videos, and installations. Goicolea received his BFA in Drawing and Painting from The University of Georgia in 1994, and later received his MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute of Art in 1996. His first solo exhibition, You and What Army (1999), was a series of murals made from digitally manipulated photographs in which he duplicated his face on various little boys. Over the years, Goicolea’s works have continued to use portraits and landscapes to explore themes of sexuality, identity, memory, and nostalgia. His recent solo exhibitionPathetic Fallacy, exhibited at Postmasters Gallery, included photographs, drawings, and installations that reference John Ruskin’s Modern Painters; in this book, Ruskin discusses “pathetic fallacy” as the idea of anthropomorphized inanimate objects and places. Goicolea combines nature with human anatomy and elements of architecture in his work. He was awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant in 1997, and received the 2005 BMW Photo Paris Award. Goicolea currently lives and works in New York.