· Students will demonstrate a familiarity with contemporary critical theory and an ability to apply and investigate those ideas in their work.· Students will gain and display advanced skills in conceptual and technical use of the medium.

· Students will be able to create photographs and films that display an advanced level of intelligence and artistic vision.

Our students engage in critical dialogue with a diverse and distinguished faculty of artists, critics, and scholars who stress the importance of experimentation and conceptualization. Our students work in expanding traditional and contemporary genres and processes, including performance imaging, docudramatic filmmaking, and multi-media installation. Most students work in both film/video and photography. US News ranks VCUarts the number one public university program in multimedia.

The graduate program’s requirements are flexible — determined by the needs of each student on an individual basis. On completion of the program, each student must have acquired an in-depth understanding of the critical dialogue that connects photography and film with other disciplines. The program culminates in the presentation of a visual body of work, with appropriate written documentation, that coherently reflects two years of intelligent investigation into some aspect of the media.

Graduate teaching assistantships and scholarships are available, and there are opportunities to teach as an adjunct professor. Graduate students have 24/7 access to personal studios, black and white darkrooms and film processing facilities, lighting studios, our large format digital printers, Imacon 4”x5” film scanner, and computer center. They can also check out medium-format and 4”x 5” view cameras, HDV video cameras, motion picture cameras up to 35mm, and studio and location lighting equipment. Students should be prepared to supply a camera they intend to use on a regular basis, as well as film, paper, motion picture stock, and processing.

MFA in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Photography and Film:

Photography and film Studio – 24 credits

Seminar in Photography and Film – 12 credits

Research in Photography and Film – 9 credits

Approved electives – 12 credits

Graduate exhibition – 3 credits

Students are encouraged to take graduate courses in other VCUarts visual and performing arts programs. With approval of the department chair substitutions for departmental courses may be made.

VCU 2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin

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