Mary Beth Reed

Mary Beth Reed’s film poems explore the intersection of visual abstraction, representational images, color, memories, and movement combining cinematography, hand painting/processing, and optical printing. Her films have screened in major national and international festivals including the New York Film Festival – Views from the Avant Garde (Jake Seven, Moon Streams, and Montessori Sword Fight), Black Maria Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Denver International Film Festival, James River Film Festival, MadCat Women’s Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Solo shows include a Cineprobe at MoMA, shows in Japan during the Stan Brakhage Retrospective, Colorado First Person Cinema, Oklahoma Exciter Bulb, group shows in San Francisco, Europe, the Rocky Mountain Twilight tour, and the traveling Black Maria tour.

Her films are distributed by Canyon Cinema, Filmmaker’s Co-op, and are in the permanent film collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the University of Colorado – Boulder.