Chris Verene

Chris Verene is a photographer, performance artist, and educator. He is widely known for his multi-decade long documentary project chronicling the lives of his family and friends in Galesburg, Illinois. Verene has been called a natural storyteller, bringing to light the universal human truths found in the personal stories of daily joys and struggles.

His work has been exhibited in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the world and supported by two major books with Twin Palms Press: Chris Verene, published in 2000 and the sequel, Family, in 2010. Verene is also known for his series and book, Camera Club, which was included in the Whitney Biennial in 2000, and is represented currently in SF MoMA’s “Exposed: Voyuerism” book and touring exhibition. This summer, Verene will be working with NYC Department of Parks on a large-scale interactive outdoor installation, entitled “The Self-Esteem Salon.”