William Pope.L

William Pope.L has over 25 years of work in all media, including performance, installation, and sculpture. Citing social conundrum as the engine that drives his work, Pope.L addresses contemporary issues such as class, consumerism, and culturally embedded racism with dark humor and biting critique. His installations use unconventional materials, including peanut butter, mayonnaise, and Pop Tarts to provoke a closer examination of the “stuff” of everyday life and to raise questions about art as a commodity. Notorious for his performances, including the digestion and regurgitation of the Wall Street Journal and crawling in gutters throughout the world wearing a business suit, Pope.L investigates violent and visceral propositions for the body. According to the artist’s dictum “Race Becomes You”, his own body becomes the site on which to play out, literalize and interrogate stereotypes. Pope.L has won many major grants and fellowships.