General Information

Q: What can I do with a degree in Sculpture + Extended Media?

A: Our students move on to an amazing variety of accomplishments. They establish professional studios, open galleries, start businesses and pursue their dreams while supporting themselves in countless fields. The best way to get a sense of what’s possible is by visiting our our Alumni Profiles to see real life stories of alumni who are making it out in the world today.

Q: I want to know if the Department of Sculpture + Extended Media will be the right fit for me. How do I get a feel for the type of work developed in your department?

A: You can look at the work of our current BFA students, MFA students, Faculty, and Alumni. Current Art Foundation students can always swing by the studios to talk with faculty and students, or sign up for our Projects course.

Q: What is “Extended Media?”

A: Artists today rarely work within narrow disciplinary-specific boundaries. By adding “Extended Media” to our department’s title, we are acknowledging the vital role that performance, video, installation, digital and relational practices have within our department. We are constantly stretching (extending) our boundaries.

Q: How many students are in your department?

A: There are about 30 students accepted from Art Foundation each year. Our department holds about 100 total undergraduate students in Sculpture.


Q: How do I apply to the Department of the Sculpture + Extended Media as an incoming Freshman?

A: In order to become a student of VCUarts, and eventually the Sculpture Department, all students must apply to VCUarts Visual Arts and Design and complete the Art Foundation Program.

Q: I am an international applicant. What do I need to do?

A: International applicants must complete the VCUarts Visual Arts and Design application as well as additional requirements described on the International Admissions web page.

Q: Can I begin right away as a student in the Sculpture Department?

A: All incoming students must successfully complete a year in the Arts Foundation Program (AFO). In your second semester as an AFO student, you submit applications to your top departments of choice. It is then that we will consider you as an applicant to our department. You officially start the Sculpture curriculum during your second year as a student.

Q: My admissions question isn’t on this page.

A: Visit the VCUarts Admissions FAQ page to see if your questions has already been answered there.

Q: I’m a transfer student. Can I bypass AFO and enter into the Sculpture Department?

A: One hundred level studio classes are considered for transfer into the Art Foundation Program on a case-by-case basis. Your portfolio and transcripts will be evaluated to determine if you have any equivalent credit. Please contact Chris Norris if you have questions regarding transferring credits into Art Foundation. Upper level and major specific courses will be reviewed by our department only after you have completed the Art Foundation Program.


Q: I would like a tour of the department.

A: As much as we would love to show each and every one of you around, we are simply unable to offer tours for individual visitors. You can attend an undergraduate VCUarts information session and tour. You are also welcome to stop by and have a look at the studios on your own schedule.

Q: What equipment and technology is available for my use as Sculpture Major?

A: Our facilities available to undergraduates include a woodshop, a foundry, a metal fabrication shop, a computer lab, sewing machines, and a wide array of digital equipment for check out. A list of equipment provided in our facilities can be found here.

Q: Will I receive a studio space as a Sculpture Major?

A: Yes! We provide a studio for each student. Each locked studio fits four students with their personal space typically used for working, material storage and informal meetings with faculty.