Tango: A Group Exhibition by the Front Collective

December 8, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 8:  6-9pm

Little Berlin
2430 Coral St
Philadelphia, PA

Participating Artists:
Kevin Baer, David Bordett, Vanessa Centeno, Patrick Coll, Lee Deigaard, Tom Friel, Nurhan Gokturk, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Cristina Molina, Kelly A. Mueller, Ruth Owens, Alex Podesta, Claire Rau, Cynthia Scott, Jamie Solock, Patch Somerville, Jonathan Traviesa, Madeleine Wieand, and Ryn Wilson

Tango, this powerful dance of confrontation, submission, and support gives kinetic representation to our interactions as a successful artist collective. The defining operational principle of “The Front” is one of collaboration, which involves unabashed and direct communication. We are kind and supportive of our members, while at the same time, not afraid to express confrontational opinions in our monthly meetings. We participate in a group tango of trust, to bring exciting and rewarding programming to our unique gallery space on a monthly basis.

To honor our spirit of collaboration, we channel the idea of working with others for the “Tango” exhibition. We each have our own distinctive approach, and present works that explore relationships with other humans, with other animals, with the environment, and with history. The works are as varied as our members, and the excitement of this accumulation is testament to the power of working together in an open and forthright manner.