Ellen Driscoll

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 12:15 pm

VCU Student Commons Theater: 907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA

“My work in sculpture, drawing, and public art is drawn from diverse sources such as architecture, the ancient memory arts, and primitive imaging techniques such as shadow play.As an artist I am drawn to making things through bricolage, and the happy unpredictable chances that materials, sites, and social histories can suggest. Through this process, I set up unpredictable encounters in which viewers are asked to make an imaginative whole out of disparate parts, in the way that the protective architectural form of a magpie’s nest is built from a scrap of cloth, a shiny piece of wire, and selected twigs.

I am also fascinated by cycles of decay and regeneration. For example, the strange phenomenon of a phantom limb still feeling sensation, is evidence of our brain circuitry re-wiring itself to compensate for loss. I see my work as an imaginative parallel to this biological phenomenon.. I am also interested in different forms of paradox; motion and stasis, weight and weightlessness, light and dark, wholeness and fragmentation are all held in tension in the physical act of encountering my work.

Using materials as disparate as LEDs, Roman style mosaic, cloth, newspaper, steel, and glass, my work presents an ancient idea borne out by the most recent research into genome mapping– that underneath what is seemingly “unlike” is a more profound affinity. In the words of Italo Calvino in Six Memos for the Next Millenium

‘Knowledge of the world tends to dissolve the solidity of the world, leading to a perception of all that is infinitely minute, light, and mobile… But these are only the outward appearances of a single common substance that …if stirred by profound emotion…may be changed into what most differs from it.’ Italo Calvino Six Memos from the Next”

from ellendriscoll.net