MFA in Theatre with a concentration in Performance / Pedagogy

The VCUarts MFA in Theatre with a concentration in Performance / Pedagogy is individually tailored to prepare early to mid-career theatre professionals to enter the field of education at the university or college level.

The program offers specializations through faculty advising and mentoring in acting, movement, voice & speech and dramatic literature/dramaturgy. The program boasts over 90 alumni that currently hold faculty positions at universities and colleges and key positions in education departments of major LORT theatres. The program allows the student to work with a faculty mentor in planning a two year minimum curriculum that integrates the practical application of teaching with that of well-rounded scholarly/academic training.

Upon acceptance into the MFA in Theatre with a concentration in Pedagogy / Performance, a program is designed to aid the candidate in planning a curriculum that best prepares them for successful entry into the teaching profession. The program effectively combines classes in pedagogy, scholarship, academics, rehearsal and performance, and the practice of teaching. Additionally, candidates receive training in the art of job preparation and application. Final evaluation and completion of the program results in a final written thesis and/or a professional-quality final performance project.

Movement classes explore a variety of contemporary movement techniques including Alexander and Suzuki techniques, movement analysis, mime, clowning, stage combat, and fight choreography.

Performance classes explore multiple methods of practice and are designed for students who desire to teach acting at the university/college level.

Voice & Speech classes explore the primary tenets of voice and speech education and are geared toward mature students who have some teaching or coaching experience beyond college or university level.

Dramatic Literature / Dramaturgy classes cultivate an inquiring mind by teaching students to consider the literary, cultural, and artistic history and implications surrounding a dramatic text and its productions.

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