Who We Are


For more than seventy years, VCUarts Theatre has prepared students  for careers in professional and academic theatre.  Hundreds of alumni scattered across the United States and Canada now successfully practice what they began as students at VCU. With faculty and staff and a combined graduate and undergraduate student population, VCUarts Theatre is one of the largest theatre training programs in the southeastern United States.

The faculty of VCUarts Theatre are first and foremost educators who provide first-rate mentoring and instruction. They also serve as role models, practicing their craft as artists locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. They work on the stage, TV and in films, author books in their disciplines, and hold elected offices in some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations. Collectively, the faculty and staff pride themselves on their ability to help you bridge the gap between life as a student and life as a professional beyond VCU.

The mission of the Department of Theatre is to educate and train theatre students as theatre professionals and/or academicians in the field of performance, design, technology, or theatre pedagogy.

• The mission of the BFA in Theatre is to educate and train students as theatre professionals in performance, costume design/technical production, lighting design/technical production, scenic design/technical production, or stage management.

• The mission of the BA in Theatre is to provide students with a strong education in theatre fundamentals (including both practical and academic study of performance, design, history and literature), combined with a broad liberal arts component and the ability to pursue a minor or other course of directed study.

• The mission of the MFA in Theatre is to educate and train students in pedagogy: as teachers at the university or college level in  areas of performance and dramatic literature.


rehearsal chicagoVCUarts Theatre offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program in Theatre with concentrations in Performance; Costume Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design; and Stage Management. The curriculum provides students an education in theatre as an art form while at the same time preparing them to enter the profession or to continue training in an advanced program.

All incoming students audition and are admitted in Theatre Foundation specializing in one of the five concentrations. Students can choose to pursue a BA, or choose to audition/interview for the BFA after completing two years of coursework.

The BA in Theatre is designed for students who desire a program with a strong emphasis in theatre combined with a strong liberal arts component. BA students have the option to pursue a second major or a minor in an area other than theatre.

BFA students do not typically pursue minor courses of study.

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree is offered in  Theatre Pedagogy with concentrations in Performance (focus areas in Performance -Acting/Directing; Stage Voice and Speech; Movement); or Dramatic Literature/Dramaturgy.

VCUarts Theatre is proud to be one of the departments of VCU’s School of hte arts (lovingly called VCUarts), which ranks as the second best fine arts program overall in the nation—and the #1 public arts school in the nation. (U.S. News & World Report – www.usnews.com/rankings). A degree from VCUarts gives our alumni credibility in the world of galleries, graduate schools, artistic directors and employers. Our graduates are known for professionalism, skill, and readiness to enter their desired field as artists.

VCU is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

NAST sets national standards for curriculum and production programs for institutions of higher learning. Our program goes through a rigorous accreditation process in order to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity of its degree programs.