prom 1 greaseW.E. Singleton Center for Performing ArtsW.E. Singleton Center for Performing Arts

W.E. Singleton Center for Performing Arts houses Theatre VCU’s Raymond Hodges Theatre, scene and costume shops, state of the art computer and lighting lab, spacious movement studio and two classroom/rehearsal spaces. It is the central hub for theater students and creates a dynamic backdrop to Theatre VCU’s creative environment.


The Raymond Hodges Theatre

The Raymond Hodges Theater is the largest performance space for Theatre VCU and seats up to 257 people. It features a thrust stage that provides audiences a view from 3 sides. The unique space offers a level of intimacy between performers and the audience, without losing the utility of the theaters lighting and sound systems. It hosts 4 main stage productions each school year.



Shafer Street Playhouse

The renovated historic Shafer Street Playhouse includes the 150 seat Richard Newdick Theater, rehearsal spaces, classrooms, offices, and is home to the student run Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre (SALT). Located in the heart of VCU’s Monroe Campus, this space is beloved not only for its historical significance, but for the creative energy it brings to the student community.


Richard Newdick Theater

The Newdick Theater is a black box style theater that seats 150 people. It hosts classes and 8 productions each school year by the student run Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre (SALT). It is a flexible performance space that lends itself well to the creative growth that happens at Theatre VCU.


The Scene Shop

Theatre VCU’s scene shop is conveniently attached to the Raymond Hodges Theater. It features a spacious area for set construction with direct access to the stage and an outside loading dock. The shop features its own set of tools and welding station that are used for creation of sets and student projects.


Costume Shop

Theatre VCU’s costume shop is located on the lower level of The Singleton Performing Arts Center. It features space for costume design, production, and crafting. It is equipped with Mac computer design stations and Berina sewing machine stations. The shop is used for classes and costume creation for main stage productions.


Paint Shop

Theater VCU’s paint shop is located in the historic Shafer Street Playhouse. It is a fully stocked paint shop that is used for main stage set painting and classes. The large shop features and abundance of natural light that aide in the creation and painting process.


Light Lab

Theater VCU’s light lab is located on the lower level of the Singleton Performing Arts Center. It compliments both classroom projects and Theatre VCU main stage productions. It is equipped with specialized equipment that allows a full lighting suite to be designed at 1/6 scale.  The lab also aids in training lighting students on light beam angles, color mixing and switchboard operation.


Movement Studio

Theater VCU’s movement studio is one of the most spacious rehearsal/classrooms at Theatre VCU.  It’s raised wood floor offers a professional performance surface to move on. Equipment for this studio includes full length mirrors, sound system, and video equipment.


libraryKenneth Campbell Theatre Library

Located in the Shafer Street Playhouse, Theater VCU has its own staffed theatrical library. Its collection includes a wide variety of resources, including scripts and literature. The sheer beauty of this room alone is reflected in the art that is created there.  Hours: Monday= 3-5pm   Tuesday= 1-6pm   Wednesday= 3-5pm   Thursday= 1-6pm    Friday= TBA


Makeup Studio

With large windows for excellent natural lighting and well lit makeup stations, this spacious room is utilized for makeup design classes, and wig workshops per production.  With many stations and make-up cabinets, and sinks, it also has plenty of space for demonstrations and prosthetic work.